Our firm dates back to February 20th, 1980, when a professional collaboration agreement was signed to perform major importance businesses which went beyond the personal services developed by the partners up to that moment. Together with the individual professional offices, a new organisation started to function. This organisation has been connected from the beginning to several local professional groups representing the most important international firms.

Progressively, the activity required more dedication and in 1982 the definitive merger between CPA Carlos Horacio Chinni’s office, specialised in taxes, and CPA Roberto Antonio Seleme’s office, specialised in auditing, took place. Chinni, Seleme, Bugner & Asociados was formed and has kept on growing till reaching its current structure. Among our clients we find the most important local and global firms dealing with main economic activities.

Our current structure is composed of approximately 30 members, who are committed to offer high-quality services.

Nowadays, the firm’s partners are:

-Mauro C. Bartolomé

-José María Bugner

-Carlos H. Chinni

-Roberto A. Seleme

-Federico J. Parrilli