Outsourcing is a company’s decision to transfer an internal business function to an external service provider. Certain functions that have traditionally been fulfilled by the company staff are assigned to external professionals.
Outsourcing is a tool that the company hires as a result of a cost-benefit analysis and its main goal is to optimise the firm’s production times and generate capacity response to face the growing and demanding market expectations.


  • Business transaction accounting.
  • Processed information analysis.
  • Monthly account conciliations
  • Monthly balance sheet emission.
  • Monthly management report preparation.
  • Annual report emission in accordance with current legislation.
  • Transcription of the operations in valid books.


  • Compensation and benefits
  • Salary receipt preparation.
  • Transfer of data to the paying bank.
  • Tax returns preparation in accordance with valid legal requirements.
  • Bookkeeping in accordance with valid legal requirements.
  • Preparation of the information in accordance to accounting requirements.
  • Personal file assistance.
  • Labour Law advisory.
  • Inspection attention
  • Balance in favour recovery (Anses and other entities)
  • Labour audits



We have two different approaches:

-Social Security and Labour problems

Hiring third parties for the providing of services often implies certain responsibilities that must be analysed in order to evaluate risks.

The main source of conflicts is found in labour matters, social security and safety issues, basically due to the concept of Joint and Several Liability established by Argentinean Employment Law, article 30, 22.250 Law (Construction Industry) and 19.587 (Health and Safety).

-Provider’s Reliability

It is often a hard task to predict if the provider is reliable or not. However, this task must be carried out or business may be at risk. This usually implies economic effects that go beyond the agreement value.
Our service makes it possible to know the provider’s reliability degree and therefore, your company will count with effective tool at the moment of making a decision.




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